Aquarius SC new package

Aquarius SC Sachets

For Healthy maintenance of septic tanks and grease traps Designed to restore the essential bacterial balance in septic tanks and drains and for good maintenance of grease traps.

  • Super concentrated soluble sachets.
  • Completely harmless to humans, animals & plant life.
  • One sachet per month flushed down the toilet, or dissolved in the sink.
  • Restores bacteria killed off by the use of detergents and bleaches

Environmentally friendly – restoring the bacteria killed off by the use of detergents and bleaches

The increasing use of household detergents, bleaches and cleansers destroys the very bacteria required to digest the sewage in the purification system. 

Should the waste materials not be activated and transformed into liquids, they will ultimately build up and cause a blockage in the system, which will in itself cease to function effectively. 

The result will be that the system will begin to emit foul and offensive odours and may be in need of costly repairs or pumping.

Aquarius SC example of use in a commercial kitchen

Customer Reviews

"I recently moved to a house in Edinburgh with an old septic system and was worried about maintenance. A friend recommended Aquarius SC Sachets, and I haven't looked back since. The ease of use is fantastic – just a sachet in the evening, and it works throughout the night. It's tackled all the grease and organic waste build-ups effectively. The odors have gone, and the system seems to be functioning more smoothly. A top-notch product for anyone with grease trap or septic tank concerns."
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Sarah Thompson
"Excellent for Grease Traps and Septic Tanks"
"Living in a rural area of Bristol, we rely heavily on our septic tank system. We started using Aquarius SC Sachets a couple of months ago, and I'm thrilled with the results. Before, we had frequent issues with bad odors and slow drains, but since using Aquarius SC, those problems have disappeared. It's easy to use - just a sachet in the sink at night, and it does its magic by morning. I love that it's environmentally friendly and safe, which is a major concern for us. It's not only restored the balance in our septic system but also given us peace of mind. Highly recommended for anyone with similar issues!"
UK septic tank regulations
Emily Johnson
"A Lifesaver for Our Septic System"
"I run a small restaurant in London and have struggled with grease trap blockages for months. I decided to try Aquarius SC Sachets after reading about its ability to tackle animal fats and vegetable oils. I must say, I'm quite impressed! After using it for a few weeks, I've noticed a significant reduction in the grease accumulation. We dissolve a sachet in the sink with warm water each night, and it's been working like a charm. The fact that it's non-toxic and biodegradable makes me feel good about using it in my kitchen."
UK septic tank regulations
John Frey
"Effective Solution for Our Issues"