From as little as 10p a day!

Aquarius, keeping Septic Tanks clean for over 65 years!

Aquarius SC is a dry, multi culture preparation specifically designed to liquefy and consume organic wastes and almost all factions of animal fats and vegetable oils found in sewage/septic tank systems, drains and grease traps. The microbial cultures contained in Aquarius SC continue enzyme production to consume the organic wastes and grease, restoring and maintaining the bacterial balance required for effective operation. Aquarius SC is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-pathogenic (harmless) and is biodegradable.

From as little as 10p per day have peace of mind that you are maintaining the bacterial balance to help keep you septic tank clear of blockages.

Reduce or eliminate pump outs with regular use of Aquarius SC

Just one soluble sachet per month for an average sized domestic Septic Tank flushed down the toilet, or dissolved in the sink

Also can be used to break down grease buildup

Suitable for grease traps and drainage subject to grease build-up either in the home or commercially in restaurants, cafes or sandwich shops.

Aquarius SC is suitable for an extensive area of use including domestic and commercial septic tank systems servicing cottages, grease and fatty build up in restaurants, food processing factories and more.

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