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How long do I have to use this for?

The dosage:

  • Domestic use – 1 sachet per month
  • Commercial use – 1 sachet per day or weekly dependant on the amount of grease or food waste.

*One sachet contains 29 grams of Aquarius SC, which is the correct monthly dosage for a 500 gallon (2275 litres) capacity septic tank. For each additional 500 gallons (2275 litres) of capacity or part thereof, a further 29 gram sachet of Aquarius SC must be used monthly.

This can be used as a prevention as well as a cure.

How do I use this?

Simply drop into the sink or flush down the toilet.

Aquarius SC is supplied in a soluble sachet, as a pre-measured treatment, to be simply entered into the drainage, septic tank and sewage system either through the sink waste or flushed down the toilet.

Remember the sachets will dissolve in water – do not empty the contents from the sachet.

Can I use it if I don’t have an existing problem?

Untreated, grease build-up can cause significant problems in relation to blockages within the grease trap and associated pipework. Aquarius SC contains specific enzymes, which in conjunction with the product’s cultures, create their own biosurfactants to aid in emulsifying the oils and fats. The rate of grease build up will depend on the amount of fatty products disposed of either down the sink waste or through waste disposal units.

Domestic users will not be as harsh as restaurants, food processors and food service organisations and as such a single soluble sachet of Aquarius SC from as little as once a month may satisfy demand, whereas commercial operations may need a daily or weekly dosage, dependant on the amount of grease or food waste.

This can be used as a prevention as well as a cure.

Is Aquarius SC Environmentally friendly?

Yes! Aquarius SC restores the bacteria killed off by the use of detergents and bleaches.

The increasing use of household detergents, bleaches and cleansers destroys the very bacteria required to digest the sewage in the purification system. Should the waste materials not be activated and transformed into liquids, they will ultimately build up and cause a blockage in the system, which will in itself cease to function effectively.

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