About Aquarius

Environmentally friendly – restoring the bacteria
killed off by the use of detergents and bleaches

Designed to restore the essential bacterial balance in septic tanks and drains and for good maintenance of grease traps.

Aquarius SC is supplied in a soluble sachet, as a pre-measured treatment, to be simply entered into the drainage, septic tank and sewage system either through the sink waste or flushed down the toilet. Aquarius SC will assist in breaking down the waste build up within the drains and will reactivate the sewage system with its high concentration of microbial cultures and enzymes, restoring the bacterial balance required for effective operation.

Examples of the operation of a Septic Tank

Regular use of Aquarius AC will reduce build up of sludge and solid waste and the need for expensive pump-outs.

Can Anyone Use This?

Aquarius SC is suitable for an extensive area of use including but not limited to:- domestic and commercial septic tank systems servicing cottages, smallholdings, houses, inns, caravan, mobile home and camping sites, marinas, garages etc – grease and fatty build up in restaurants, sandwich bars, food processing factories, dairies, hotels, domestic use etc.

  • Domestic
  • Restaurants
  • Local Authority
  • Food Processing Facilities

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